Who is Kate?Kate symbolizes the hope, happiness and potential of Africa.

Meet Kate: the girl with whom it all began and who continues to inspire us every day. Sometimes, you meet someone who will change your life. For us, that was Kate. Kate is living proof of all the positivity in Africa. Despite a rough start in life, the world is at her feet. She was born when her mother was just 15-years old, but her great aunt Philomena lovingly adopted her, welcoming her into her home. Philomena is now the director of Meet Kate Children’s Home, which opened in 2009 and since the beginning; Kate has been living there. She is doing well in school, is caring towards the other children in the home and her humility is a constant example for many.

It all started in 2006, when Kelly de Vries volunteered in Ghana and met her then four-year-old host-sister, Kate. With her radiant eyes and zest for life, she showed Kelly a different side of Africa to the one she had known before. This girl represents the future children deserve. To improve the prospects of Kate and other Ghanaian children, Kelly started the Meet Kate Foundation, named after the girl who inspired her to do so.

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