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In August 2010 the Meet Kate Children´s Home (MKCH) opened its doors, making it the foundation´s first official project. It was the dream of Philomena Fynn - Kelly de Vries’s host mother and Kate’s great aunt - to provide a roof over the heads of children whose relatives were unable to. This home has grown into a place where two-dozen children are lovingly raised. Based on the idea that children need a safe roof over their head, good nutrition and medical care, the Meet Kate Children´s Home is a home where there is room for personal attention in a family atmosphere.

The Children's Home offers room for 24 children between the ages of 0 and 18. Contrary to what is popularly assumed, the home, like many other shelters in Ghana, is not an orphanage. Most of the children are in fact not orphans and we believe it is important to treat each situation uniquely. The Meet Kate Foundation believes that a family is ultimately the best place for a child to grow up; hence we aim to place children back with their families within five years. The continued involvement of the parents and other relatives plays an important role in the work we do. By frequent visits and care during the holidays, the family ties remain strong.

Meanwhile, Meet Kate also helps the families by providing advice on finances and finding a job. Children that cannot be placed back with their families, remain in our care. We have a savings account into which we deposit 5 euros every month for every child who lives with us permanently. This money will help them start university or their own business when they are older. This is what investing in the future means!

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