Cacao plantation

In addition to the poultry farm, Meet Kate has invested in two plots of land for agricultural use. One of the plots is 2.43 hectares and is located 25 kilometres away from Ekwamkrom. The other one is located 10 minutes away from the Meet Kate Children’s Home and is 0.7 hectares. Agriculture accounts for 54% of Ghana’s GDP and accounts for 90% of the national food supply. It is therefore an important player in the Ghanaian economy!

Meet Kate decided to use the 0.7 hectares of land for growing food, which can be eaten at the Meet Kate Children's Home and Daycare Centre. The crops grown are: corn, cassava and yam amongst other things. On the larger plot, the crops grown are intended for sale. We therefore chose to grow cacao. More so than other crops, cacao is an investment because it takes three years before the plants can be harvested. Eventually, the profit from the cacao plantation will go to the Meet Kate Foundation in Ghana and will cover a large part of the annual costs. In addition, growing and producing our own food (like baking our own bread) leads to a significant reduction in daily costs.

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